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North Shore Virtual Reality Zone

is the first Virtual Reality entertainment gaming center in North Vancouver, bringing to you the latest immersive technologies, within a safe environment… Including taking the risks of having lots of fun.
VR Motion Simulator

Covid-19 Protocols

What are we doing to keep you safe?

  1. Limiting the number of customers at a Time (1 player+ 1 spectator per station) exception for a whole facility bookings
  2. Providing free facial VR covers , Respiratory masks , Gloves, Head covers
  3. Sanitization for all customers and employees
  4. Rotating equipment and giving extra breaks between bookings
  5. Encouraging social responsibility (Please refrain from a visit if any symptoms of covid-19 are present)
  6. Online reservation are available

North Shore Virtual Reality Zone - Contact us


World’s first Virtual Reality shoe immersion by natural movement. A real step into endless space. You can run walk sneak jump With Cybershoes® on your feet, all of your movements are controlled by your own legs, so you can feel like you’re exploring ancient cave ruins or fleeing from a grasping horde of the undead. While seated, the user straps on the Cybershoes® over his or her own shoes. One size fits all.

Cybershoes® walking movement is very intuitive and the virtual space is not limited by real space.


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